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Physics Courses

101, 102 Introductory Physics I, II.
Basic topics of physics on an elementary level, including mechanics, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. Three lectures per week. Meets natural and physical sciences distribution requirement when taken in conjunction with Physics 103 (for 101) or 104 (for 102). (A working knowledge of high school algebra and trigonometry is required.) Fall, spring.

103 Introductory Physics Laboratory I. Experiments in mechanics, heat, wave motion and sound.

104 Introductory Physics Laboratory II. Experiments in electricity, magnetism, optics and modern physics.

113 Topics in Physics. Introductory-level topics in physics intended for non-science majors. Topics may vary with semester. May be repeated with different topic.

114 Topics in Physics Laboratory. Laboratory associated with introductory-level Topics in Physics. One laboratory session per week.

205, 206 General Physics. Physics for scientists and engineers. Topics include mechanics, heat, wave motion, sound, electricity and magnetism, and optics.

209 General Physics Laboratory I. Experiments in mechanics, heat, wave motion and sound, with emphasis on measurement techniques, data handling, computer methods of analysis and experimental verification of physics principles. One 3-hour laboratory per week. (Corequisite: Physics 205.) Fall.

210 General Physics Laboratory II. Experiments in electricity, magnetism and optics. Computer methods of analysis are used where appropriate. (Corequisite: Physics 206.) Spring.

320 Electronics. An introduction to linear and digital electronics. Topics include dc and ac circuits, power supplies, transistor biasing, small signal amplifiers, classes A and B amplifiers, operational amplifiers, Boolean logic, logic circuits, flip flops, counters and registers, analog-digital and digital-analog conversions, applications. Three lectures and one 3-hour laboratory per week.

370 Modern Physics. Introduction to relativity and atomic physics. Relativity: simultaneity, Lorentz transformation, velocities, momentum, and energy. Atomic physics: Bohr theory, particles and waves, Schroedinger theory, one-electron atoms, magnetic moments and spin, identical particles, and multi-electric atoms.

380 Nuclear Radiation Physics. An introduction to nuclear physics with attention to nuclear instrumentation, natural radioactivity, alpha-beta-gamma decay, nuclear reactions, neutrons, fission and fusion.

401, 402 Mechanics. Motions of particles and systems of particles in one, two and three dimensions; moving coordinate systems; continuous media; Lagrangian methods.

403, 404 Electromagnetic Theory. Electrostatic fields in vacuum and in dielectrics, boundary value problems, magnetic fields of steady currents and magnetic materials, induced electromotance, Maxwell’s equations, plane waves, reflection and refraction, guided waves and radiation.

405 Acoustics. Vibrations of strings, bars, membranes and plates; acoustic waves, transmission, absorption and radiation; pipes and cavities, resonators and filters.

406 Optics. Lenses and mirrors: Image formation, design, aberrations, and stops, optical systems. Wave optics: Interference, diffraction, polarization, Fourier transform spectroscopy, holography. Quantum optics: atomic spectra, lasers. Three lectures and one 3-hour laboratory per week.

450 Capstone: Physics Research. Experimental or theorectical research in physics. May be repeated.

Advanced and Special Classes

199 Exploratory Internship.

299 Experimental Course.

399 Professional Internship.

451 Independent Study.
Work may be either experimental or theoretical. May be repeated.

499 Advanced Experimental Course.

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