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Adrian College Welcomes New Member to the Campus Family posted 12/21/09
Bruiser the Bulldog is now a ‘live’ mascot

Bruiser, Adrian College's newest member.
Photo courtesy of wePhoto.

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College is excited to welcome its newest member to the family, Bruiser, a 10 week-old English bulldog puppy. Bruiser arrived on campus a few days ago and will have a busy schedule once students return in January.

The bulldog puppy, born in Oklahoma, will be the new face of Adrian College. He will make special appearances around campus showing up at College-related functions to cheer on students.

Adrian College is one of only a few colleges in the nation to have a live mascot. Some notable live mascots include “Handsome Dan” at Yale and “Uga” at the University of Georgia, both of which are bulldogs, and “Bevo” the longhorn at the University of Texas.

Kristi Maxwell, dean of students, says Bruiser will keep school spirit alive by beginning a new tradition at the College.

“We are proud to have Bruiser as a member of our family,” said Maxwell. “He’s the new face of school spirit and we are excited to introduce him to campus. The students will have many opportunities to meet their new ‘sibling’. He’ll be pretty busy during the school year but he will be in excellent hands.”

Bruiser will be cared for by Janine Grier. She and her family, who live near the College’s campus, will be the sole providers for the bulldog. He will live at their house and be playmates with their other dog, Deuce, a one year-old Staffordshire terrier.

“Bruiser has such a great personality,” says Grier. “He’s good with people and is a fast learner. He and Deuce get along wonderfully and we are so excited to have him in our home.”

President Jeffrey R. Docking said he had a talk with Bruiser as he de-boarded the plane from Oklahoma last week. “I told him to be a good house guest for Janine and to make sure he gets along with Deuce,” said Docking. “Bruiser didn’t say much but nodded his head in approval.”

Grier and her husband have two children and they are all thrilled to have Bruiser living with them. They had been thinking about getting a second dog but put things on hold when Deuce developed some health concerns last summer. Luckily he is doing much better and the Griers started to talk again about a brother or sister for Deuce.

It was during a brief encounter with President Docking that Janine recently found out about Bruiser.

“I’m a weird dog person,” joked Grier. “President Docking was surprised on how much I knew about bulldogs. I was really concerned about the family who would get Bruiser as bulldogs require a lot of attention and are prone to having health issues.”

Grier wanted to make sure that the College did their research on the family that would care for him so that Bruiser would receive the adequate attention he needed. What she didn’t know is that Dr. Docking already had a family in mind-hers.

“I was so surprised and absolutely thrilled when he asked me if I would take care of Bruiser,” said Grier. “He’s been with us for a few days now and I’m very excited to be a part of this. I’ll bring him to College events and I think it’s going to be fun for everyone.”

Grier has become very protective over Bruiser and assures he will be well taken care of.

“I see myself as his foster mom,” said Grier. “It’s almost a dream come true to have an English bulldog and I can ensure everyone he is in good hands.”

President Docking thinks the students will be surprised and happy when they return. Although he made it clear to fraternity leaders that Bruiser will not be allowed to join a fraternity or apply for spring classes. Some students who are still on campus and heard about Bruiser are very excited.

“I think it is so great to have a real live bulldog that will attend our events,” said Erin Laurell, a junior at Adrian College. “It's an exciting and unique way to show our school spirit. Not many schools have live mascots so this makes Adrian College standout even more.”

Senior Ryann Waterstradt agrees saying he will get a lot of attention.

“Now we can have Bruiser present at homecoming, campus activities, and our athletic events,” she said. “Bruiser will have no problem getting tons of attention from kids (young and old) who will be willing to pet him and give him tasty treats!”

Although President Docking was reticent at first to host a live mascot, Docking says Bruiser will be required to follow all the school rules like any other student.

“He won’t be legally allowed to drink until he’s three years old,” he said jokingly. “By my calculation he will then be twenty-one in dog years. All kidding aside, I am very excited to bring this new experience to campus and look forward to having Bruiser be a part of the Adrian College Community.”

Bruiser will officially make his debut at the men’s varsity hockey game on Friday, January 22 where he will wave to the crowd from center ice. He will be the honorary guest during a ceremonial puck drop before the game begins at 8 P.M.


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