Adrian College receives recognition in Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education

ADRIAN — Adrian College was recently recognized among 800 universities in the 2022 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Rankings (WSJ/THE).

The student-focused rankings are based on 15 performance indicators and a student survey including responses from more than 170,000 current college students. Results are intended to answer questions that are important to students and parents.

Questions include how likely am I to graduate, and does the college provide helpful resources, and accessibility to teachers. Unlike rankings emphasizing research excellence, The WSJ/THE notes the rankings focus on giving families the information they need to help students choose which university/college is the best fit for them.

The methodology for the rankings explores four key pillars; resources, engagement, outcomes and environment. The “resources” pillar represents 30% of the overall ranking while analyzing the finance per student, faculty per student, and research papers per faculty. The “engagement” pillar focuses primarily on the The Higher Education Student Survey and represents 20% of the ranking. This pillar examines student engagement, student recommendation, interaction between teachers and students, and the number of accredited programs. Making up 40% of the ranking is the “outcomes” pillar, designed to look at graduation rate, the value added to graduate salary, debt after graduation, and academic reputation. The last pillar explored is the “environment” pillar, making up 10% of the ranking. This pillar investigates the proportion of international students, student and staff diversity and student inclusion.

The ranking table provided to students and families also offers information including out-of-state tuition and fees, room and board, and median salary after 10 years.

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