Michigan State Governor Rick Snyder Visits Adrian College

ADRIAN, Mich. – On May 11th, Governor Rick Snyder visited Adrian College to speak with the Board of Trustees during a private visit to campus. It would be the first time in nearly 24 years that a sitting governor would visit the College.

Governor Snyder congratulated the college on its continued progressive approach to higher education, commending President Docking for his leadership.

“It [is] an entrepreneurial, innovative atmosphere, of how do you grow? How do you succeed?” Snyder stated during a brief speech to the Trustees. “How do you give better service to your customers: the students and their parents? That’s very much the same approach we take in government.”

The businessman turned politician; Snyder was a relative dark horse to the political realm two years ago. In his first campaign for Governor he challenged the better-known rivals to take the reins in the capital of Michigan. He continues to strive toward extraordinary things with aspirations beyond traditional thinking. A relation he made to Adrian College during his brief tour of the facilities and it’s intent to deliver on high expectations.